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This meet was planned through the BMWcar mag forum, It started at 3pm and had about 10 cars/ 12 people in attendance. Miss Z3 and myself couldn't stay long but judging from those that attended comments on their forum it seems everyone had a good time. More planned? I would imagine so, why not check the Bmw and see what's happening?

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Servicing an E36 325i


Servicing an E36 325i

I have decided to take a few pictures and do a write up on how to service these cars. The parts will cost you no more than £60

I wanted to try out the 'Beru' spark plugs, stocked at ECP the car normally has BOSCH Super 4's. The Beru's are similar in design and appear to give a matched spark. Oil filter was also purchased at ECP and is an original BMW part. The only part of a service that isn t covered here is the resetting of service lights, please refer to the technical tips section as this covers all models and the changing of the air filter. The standard air flow box has several clips that hold it on and inside is the paper panel filter. The cost around £7.00 and are also available from Euro Car Parts. I have opted for a K & N 57i induction filter for my car as I feel it gives increased throttle response and BHP. In future technical tips I will highlight how this filter is to be cleaned/ recharged.

This page can also be downloaded in zipped format for later viewing>>>

Step 1

Remove the plastic cover by prizing out the plastic clips there is one at the front of the panel and one at the rear

Step 9

Screw your new spark plug into the engine, be very careful at this point to follow the correct thread. Do not under any circumstances force the plug in. you could cross-thread your cylinder head and have a hefty mechanics bill on your head afterwards!

Step 2

Remove bolts that hold the panel in place (2 x 10mm nuts)

Step 10

Next you have to remove the oil filter. BMW must have realized that the oil filter on the previous 2.5 engine was not in the most easy to get to place. Start by removing the bolt at the top of the cylinder 13mm

Step 3

Remove the top panel and repeat the procedure for the side panel. Removing the oil filler cap at the top. Again there are two clips that cover two 10mm bolts. Caution! these bolts do not come away from the plastic they simply loosen the panels grip on the engine. Don't just site there undoing these bolts!

Step 11

It's a long pole that bolts the lid to the engine itself

Step 3

Remove the side panel. Be careful not to loose the rubber seal you will need it later upon refit.

Step 12

Once you have removed and disposed of the old filter you may fit the new one. You will get a new sump nut washer, new rubber seal for the lid of the oil filter and new washer and rubber grommet for the pole that holds the oil filter cap in place.

Step 4

You should have an array of six coils, where as many engines have one coil and 6 HT leads (depending on no of cylinders). This generation of engine has 6 coils.


Step 13

Put the new rubber seal around the inside of the cap. Used a bit of oil to lubricate the seal.

Step 5

These coils are held in place by two 10mm nuts per coil. Be very careful with these coils. Dont bang them around as they are very expensive to replace.

Step 14

Place the new filter into the cylinder with the text facing up

Step 6

After you have removed the coil you can remove the old spark plugs and replace the new ones. Do this one plug at at time. Engine s follow a particular firing order. If you put the wrong lead on the wrong plug the car will be misfiring all over the place. Every lead is marked, and just above the coils where the top cover connects is the firing order for the engine, just in case.

Step 15

Place the new grommet onto the end of the straight pole, there is a groove where it is meant to sit. This will become apparent when you take it out.

After you have replaced the lid align it up with the markers on the cylinder and replace and tighten up the pole.

Step 7

This is what your plugs should be looking like. Dry powder, not burned or black. You should still be able to see the electrode and it shouldn t have been worn down that much.

Step 16

When you have completed all of the above use the copper washer supplied with the oil filter and replace the old copper washer on the sump nut. Replace and tighten the sump nut. putt all the plastic covers back on the car and fill the car with oil. I have used HPX synthetic oil in my car, I have found this to be the best and is available from most fiat and Alfa
Romeo dealers.

Typically the 2.5 liter engine needs 6.5 liter's of oil. Fill the engine until the oil is between >>>

the two points on the dipstick. Make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Then start you engine after you have left then engine running for around 5 minutes stop the engine and let the oil settle for 10 minutes. Re check the dipstick and top up as necessary. Remember the oil filter will take at least 1 pint of oil.

Step 8

Once you have changed all the plugs the car should have cooled down and you are ready to drain the oil out. Underneath the car on the side of the sump (let hand side if looking straight on to car) there is a 17mm nut remove this nut slowly and make sure you have a bucket underneath!


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